Why should I hire you?

IDOO is a professional interior design firm that has loads of experience in the sphere. We can provide you with designers that are talented and can give you the desired results. Plus, we work only with the most qualified installers and contractors and buy from only the highest quality furnishings lines. High quality of service and product passed to you are guaranteed.

How do you charge?

We know the approximate price depending on the project. When we start our initial consultation, we will discuss the scope of your project and determine what will be the most cost efficient way to help you achieve your design goals. We typically work on any projects with the fixed price to tailor our services to meet all your needs. Find out the prices here > to Design your room page.

I already picked the style of the design. Do I still need your help?

Absolutely! We offer our extensive experience to help get the result with affordable price. In addition, we provide you with the knowledge and resources that will help interpret and build the space based on your vision.

What cities do you work in?

Though we are based in Los Angeles, we have designed projects for clients all over California.

When should I hire a designer?

You should hire a designer at the earliest stage of your project, which will let the designer assist you with every decision and material specification from scratch, creating the look and feel that is carried throughout your space.  

Can I choose my favorite pieces of furniture for the design?

Yes! Our designers can help you edit your existing pieces to determine which ones will fit into your new space. And if you have treasures from travels, or family heirloom pieces that you want to work into the new design, we are experts at weaving them all together.  

I am confused about what design to choose. Can you help me?

That’s why we are here! We will help you to decipher the look and the feel that will most reflect you and your personality. Then we’ll make sure that this look is translated into a design plan that will work with your lifestyle.

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