IDOO is an interior design company founded just in 2020 offering timeless design for any space. Our design team is experienced in defining individual tastes and singling out specific needs in order to provide you with personalized, contemporary designs and furnishings.

We have created our company to deliver affordable, modern, and straightforward design services. Our professional team, with its strong background, creativity, and mastery will do the best for your design cravings.

IDOO takes pride in the progressive ideas that are based on the experience of all our designers.

We aim to provide a customer-centric approach as you get involved in the process and can point out the style and color set of any space.

Founded in California

IDOO was founded in 2020 by architect and thinker Ara Amyan, together with Taron Berg Sargsyan. IDOO aims to create professional interior design for every individual who wants to stand out with unique spaces in their apartments and/or houses.

We offer design services regardless of the status of the client by making the communication between two parts more transparent and collaborative.

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